Bag Gardening…As Simple As It Gets!

Here’s a simple alternative for those people who have poor enough soil conditions that a raised-bed garden would make a good solution.  By bag gardening, you can get the benefits of raised-bed gardening with a minimum of work.  Click on the link below to view a short video showing just how easy it can be.

As you can see, there is very little effort involved and even the frame is optional.  Personally, I think the frame should be used in order to hold everything together.  An important point that you may have missed from the video is to punch holes through the bottom of the bag for drainage…that’s what the pitch fork was used for.

He also utilized some of the techniques of square-foot gardening by partitioning the soil with the string. Each square partitioned is used to keep your plants organized. You might put one or multiple plantings in each, depending on the space requirements of the vegetable planted. For example, it may hold just one tomato plant or lettuce, but several carrots or radish.

Price accurate as of 11/19/2012.

An added benefit of bag gardening is that you don’t have to worry about what might be in your current garden soil.  You are simply using bagged organic potting soil to which you could add your own compost, or purchase organic compost from your garden center at the same time.  Another name you could give this is the Lazy Man’s Garden, as there is no digging or soil preparation before you can start planting.

Bag Gardening Melons

This is just another example of how to maximize your garden efforts and an yet another alternative to hay-bale gardening. Obviously, you need to have room for the melon vines to roam, but you can see just how fast and easy it was and the melons are well fed by being planted directly into mulch. Just make sure you get a bag of organic mulch if you want to practice organic gardening.