Biozome added to your compost helps your garden grow!

In a recent post, I talked about adding Azomite to your organic garden to provide necessary micro-nutrients and minerals that most soils are sorely lacking or completely void of.  This post discusses yet another little known, but potentially helpful additive for the organic gardener, in particular, for anyone who is wanting to improve their soil condition with the use of compost.

You can consider Biozome to be a super compost booster.  Basically, it accelerates and improves the compost process by providing bacteria that help to release the nutrients.  It is considered to be a compost inoculant, which when added works by freeing up soil nutrients and making them more bio-available for plants to access or creating symbiotic relationships with the plants root systems.

What is Biozome?

This question is more easily answered by telling you what it is not, it is not a fertilizer, a pesticide, nor a genetically modified organism.

BioZome is a highly concentrated blend of natural microorganisms put together by Dr. Carl Oppenheimer after 40 years of research. It has been proven to triple the growth rate, decrease seed germination time, produce more flowers and increase crop yield. Plants grown using BioZome produce healthier roots and show increased disease and pest resistance. The micro-organisms are primitive “Archaea” collected from salt pans, hot springs, and volcanic regions all over the world.

“Archaea”, for the scientifically inclined, as defined by Wikipedia:  (/ɑrˈkiːə/ ( listen) ar-kee) are a group of single-celled microorganisms. A single individual or species from this domain is called an archaeon (sometimes spelled “archeon”). They have no cell nucleus or any other membrane-bound organelles within their cells. adds:  One in the three-domain system (the other are Bacteria and Eukaryota) which includes halophiles (microorganisms that may inhabit extremely salty environments), methanogens (microorganisms that produce methane), and thermophiles (microorganisms that can thrive extremely hot environments).

That’s the long answer.  The short answer is, I don’t know!  What’s more important is that:

  1. *its not harmful to you,
  2. it accelerates the composting process, and
  3. works to make your plants healthier and more productive when added to your garden soil.

And, by added, I’m referring to using the compost that you have souped-up by adding Biozome to.

BioZome is a great compost starter.  It works in your compost pile in several ways; it greatly accelerates the breakdown rate, it uses very little water, and it can work in very low oxygen situations.  And, remember, your compost material will be filled with these “archaea” organisms that will continue to do their work on your garden plants when you mix your compost in your garden.

And, its wallet friendly! There really isn’t any reason not to super charge your composting with Biozome, readily available as Jobe’s Organic Compost Starter 4-Pound Bag

Prices current as of 11/19/2012.


BioZome – an enzymatic mixture of active hydrocarbon oxidizing natural single celled organisms. The enzymes and cells are contained in an inert preparation of natural clay. The mixture has no chemical impact. The mixture should be handled with the normal precautions of a hydroscopic powder. In enclosed areas protective eye and mask covering is recommended. This mixture has been tested by human contact for over 20 years with no direct or indirect impact.

WarningThis clay product contains a small amount of crystalline silica which may cause delayed respiratory disease if inhaled over a prolonged and extended period of time. Avoid breathing the dust.