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Organic Gardening Doesn't Have To Be Intimidating

The purpose of One Stop Organic Gardening, as the name implies, is to give you a single, simple to understand, source for your organic information and gardening needs.  If you knew nothing about gardening and wanted to give organic gardening a try, you will find this site a great resource of information, tips, and the gardening tools that will make your organic garden a success.

What is Organic Gardening All About?

Growing your own herbs, vegetables, greens and fruit can be both incredibly rewarding and delicious.  However, many gardeners rely on pesticides, herbicides and fungicides not to mention chemical fertilizers to help their garden grow.  That’s not only unnecessary, it’s also unhealthy. All those nutritious veggies pack a much healthier punch if they’re sans harmful chemicals.

Reduce your use of commercial fertilizers and reduce the amount of phosphates, nitrates, and other chemicals that end up polluting our waters. Combine the algae blooms that occur because of these high nutrient waters with warmer weather and you read about widespread fish kills on a regular basis.

Whether you go completely organic or just supplement your garden fertilizing by composting…every bit helps.  Of course, if you go completely organic, that also involves not using chemical pesticides that are not natural.  When I was a kid, I remember sprinkling sulfur in our vegetable garden to keep the bugs away and going out nightly and sprinkling salt on snails and slugs.  You can also introduce natural pest controls, such as lady bugs and praying mantis to replace insecticides.

By eliminating or at least reducing commercial fertilizers and insecticides, loaded with unhealthy chemicals, you provide your family with healthier produce.  There is even a growing interests in getting back to natural plants or heirloom plants, versus the commercial hybrids and genetically altered plants that dominate the market.  The problem with genetically altered seeds is that while they may be more pest, drought, and disease resistant, we do not know what the long-term effects upon us may be.  There are some indications that while they may increase food production in the short term, they may do long term damage to our own DNA and/or reproductive systems.

And, of course, if you extend this to include genetically altered animals or genetically altered feed that is fed to animals that will eventually enter our food supply as eggs, chicken, pork, or beef, you can start to understand why the interest in organically grown foods is a growing trend.  The great thing about organic gardening is that you know your produce is free of these additives and healthier for your family and you.

Don't stop at Organic Gardening

People who are interested in organic gardening are often the same people who are concerned about the environment in general.  There are additional things you can do to help stop or minimize our impact on Mother Nature.  Something as simple as a rain barrel collection system can lower your water usage and accompanying bill, not to mention provide fluoride and chlorine free water for your fruits and vegetables.  Over the course of a growing season, you might only save 500-600 gallons of water, but what if we all used 500 gallons less water each year?

While not part of "organic gardening" as such, electric mowers and trimmers can be a relatively painless way to help reduce your carbon footprint. As a matter of fact, the next time you’re out and having to fight to get your gas mower started, spill gas while refilling the mower, or having to deal with the smell on your hands and clothes, you may start to think of other benefits of going electric.  With gas prices rising and talk of possible $5/gallon this summer, its easy to see that going electric may pay for itself.

Well, this should give you a better understanding of where I’m coming from and why I have created this website.  I have done the homework for you and selected a number of products that represent some of the best in each category, so you don’t have to.  While the primary focus of this site is to help guide you in your organic gardening,  I think you’ll agree that saving natural resources, money, reducing our carbon footprint,  and saving time is just as important.

I hope you find One Stop Organic Gardening a helpful resource in making your organic garden fun, easy and a tasty success.

#1 Challenge to Organic Gardening

Yes, you are helping nature by doing organic gardening, but nature is more than soil, plants, sunlight, water and air.  You’ve got insects to deal with.  There will be good insects that will be beneficial for your organic garden, but there are also certain pests that you have to be vigilant about in order to get rid of them before they destroy all your efforts.  So, the first thing you need to do is identify what you’re dealing with.

Organic Pesticides

If you are new to organic gardening, you may be wondering about the pests.  How are you going to be able to get rid of them without turning to synthetic pesticides? The short and quick answer is that you buy an organic one.  There are actually many brands that are available commercially.  You just have to ask around what are the types that will work best in your location, with the kinds of produce/fruits that you are growing in your garden and the type of pests you’re dealing with.

So, in choosing the right organic pesticide, you must be fully aware what the problem really is that you’re facing.  To do this, you should:

  1.  inspect your garden thoroughly,
  2.  make  notes of what you’re seeing, and
  3.  you can also take pictures, if you are not so sure about the kind of pests that are impacting your garden.

Then you can go to the store and detail to an expert the problems that you are dealing with.  This way, you can get a product that will best fit and solve the problems that you’re having in your garden.

Alternatively, you could also mix up your own formulation to deal with your unwanted garden pests.  There are lots of natural and homemade applications you can put together yourself.

Manual Removal

Another way that you can do this and not have to turn to pesticides, even the organic type, is to do things manually.  Yes, this is harder. But just consider this as a challenge that you need to overcome to help yourself become an expert.  Of course, the size of your garden will factor in your decision.

If the plants are infested by unnecessary pests, what could be the problem?  One root of the problem could be the plants themselves. They may be depressed or stressed.  What have you done to them?  This type of gardening means that you are to take things personally.  You are being one with nature. So to succeed on this, you’ve got to take things seriously.

What makes a plant depressed?  You may not be spending enough time with it.  It may sound weird, but talking to your plants or even singing to them may help you with the whole process.  Throughout your gardening trek, you should be able to familiarize yourself with all the plants in your garden.  You have to know how to make your plants healthy, happy and productive.

If you have to pick out the pests manually, then do it.  This can be done as long as there are only few that can be found in your garden. You only resort to the pesticides once the situation becomes uncontrollable.

Nature’s Solutions

A third approach is that you can also add some insects and animals that will help you kill the pests.  This way, you are still staying in touch with nature and helping in the process of the food chain.  For example, a lady bug will eat up an aphid banquet.  Frogs and lizards can also help you sort your problems with some garden pests.

Above everything else, whatever problem you may encounter in organic gardening, just think about nature.  How will you solve things while still being able to help nature and be one with it?

Pruning is a Winter-time Activity

Winter is the perfect time to take care of any pruning that needs to be done on your trees and shrubbery, while the plants are either dormant or in a minimal growth mode.  If you haven’t yet taken care of this task, you still have time.

Pruning tips to keep in mind

If you haven’t already figured this out, I try to keep my tips and guidelines as simple as possible.  There is no benefit in making every gardening activity sound daunting or too difficult to attempt.  After all, gardening is supposed to be “relaxing”, isn’t it?

At any rate, here are a few simple guidelines to keep in mind before grabbing your garden shears or lopers:

  • Never remove more than 1/4 of a tree’s crown at one time, the stress placed on the remaining tree may be more than it can handle, and the amount removed should be even less with mature trees.
  • Pruning young trees is the best way to get well-shaped mature trees, which then minimizes the amount of pruning or cutting back a mature tree will require.
  • Make your cuts clean and as close to the main branch as possible.
  • Remember, small wounds heal faster than large ones, thereby minimizing changes for infestation.

Making clean cuts

Making clean cuts while pruning is as simple as making sure your pruning shears are sharp.  For larger branches, a 3-step process will help prevent tears and bark peel-backs.

  1. Make a shallow cut on the underside using a small handsaw; this will prevent the bark from tearing or peeling away extra bark when the final cut is made and the branch falls.
  2. Your main cut should be made to the “outside” of your undercut.
  3. Your third and final cut should be made outside of, but as close to the branch-tree collar as possible.

Prices current as of 11/19/2012

225 LED 13.8 Watt Square Grow Light Panel

225 LED 13.8 Watt Square Grow Light Panel

Product Features

Body material: Thermoplastic
Circuitry board material: Diecast Chrome
60 Blue light LEDs: 465nm (nanometer) wave length
165 Red light LEDs: 650nm (nanometer) wave length
165 + 60 = Total 225 LEDs

Product Description

This panel has no ballasts to burn out like other plant lights. It does not run hot, just warm. You will not experience unsightly brown burned leaves when they accidentally touch the LEDs. This is common with most other lights that get very hot. This more controlled running temperature reduces the need to water so often and keeps rooms with plants from getting uncomfortably hot in the summer months requiring additional air conditioning. Extreme energy efficiency permits this new LED panel to pay for itself many times over each year in electricity savings. It saves 50% to 90% in energy consumption compared to incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Wide angle projection insures uniform leaf coverage.

Scientifically calculated even blending of red and blue LEDs eliminates the time consuming task of repositioning separate colored lights back and forth trying to achieve uniform exposure. 14 to 16 hours per day is all that is necessary for maximum plant health with this wave blended lighting system. This allows distances 6-Inch and less between the LEDs and the plants accelerating photosynthesis.

Red and blue wavelengths are for growing and flowering of plants. The typical white plant lights that are very hot is unnecessary and just consume excessive electricity. The purity of the LED generated light lengthens flowering periods. These LEDs turn on instantly and can be turned on by hand each day or work well with all standard light timers.

Color: Red + Blue = Purple looking to the eyes. Working Voltage: 12V or 110V-220V Power: 13.8 Watts Dimensions: 12 inches (30.5cm) square Thickness: Low profile 1.25-Inch Power cord length: 48 inches

Recommended coverage: one panel per 18 inches square LED life: Approx. 15 years used all year long. (60 years for spring starting of seedlings)

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Prices effective 11/19/2012

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This is completely off-topic, as far as organic gardening is concerned, but with healthcare on the minds of most of the country these days, people are beginning to focus more and more on their health.  And, people who are interested in organic gardening tend to fall into this category, so I thought I would share this site with all of my readers.

Do your very best to stay healthy!

It isn’t as hard as you may think to live a healthy lifestyle.  All it really takes is a little determination and a helpful guide to follow. With a proper diet and an exercise regiment within your realistic abilities, staying in shape is not hard to do.  Additionally, with your diet, if you follow it closely and get the recommended intake of daily vitamins, your immune system stays in tip-top shape and you rarely ever have to battle illnesses.  True, keeping anti-bacterial soap close at hand—in your car or even your pocketbook—is a great idea, but isn’t there so much MORE you could be doing?

Given all of that, do you know where to go for dieting and exercise advice?  Your doctor is a pretty good source of information since he gets paid to know what is healthy and unhealthy for you.  But, as we all know, doctor’s visits and consults can be pricy.  And who wants to go to a doctor unless you absolutely have to?!

Well how about getting some of the best advice and health tips from experts WITHOUT those annoying and expensive doctor’s visits? Believe it or not, you CAN get such a thing. And even better than THAT, you don’t have to look any further!

That’s right…all of your health related questions can be answered here!  We’ve got several amazing products that are going to not only help you get into healthier shape, but will KEEP you that way!  So check out these products right away!


Organic Secrets

Gardeners, Discover The Easy Way To Save Money and Eat Healthy For Life With Organic Secrets.

Organic Secrets

Organic Secrets is an amazing fact filled book.  Over two years to research and write and now for the first time available as a digital download.  You will be able to start reading this “comprehensive manual to everything organic” in less than five minutes. 

Order Organic Secrets and you’ll have the plain, simple facts about growing your own healthy organic produce in your garden. 

There is a special of 75% off the regular price on this e-book available now.  See below.

You’ll get over 40 chapters that explain in plain and simple terms how to become ‘Organic’ – You will read about the basics including: creating the best soil, when and how to plant seeds through to great time and labor saving ideas on eradicating garden pests safely and choosing the perfect tools to make light of any task.

“This fantastic, easy to follow guide book is written for both the amateur gardener and the enthusiast alike.”

If you are new to organic gardening the in-depth advice on growing over 36 different types of vegetables will be indispensable – find out when to sow, maintain your crop and when to harvest to get the very best from your garden.

Here are just some of the delicious, healthy, vegetables covered in this great book:

 Broad Beans, French Beans, Runner Beans
 Broccoli & Calabrese
 Brussels Sprouts
 Spring, Summer and Autumn Cabbages
 Corn Salad
 Sweet corn
 Tomatoes . . . . . And Many More !

Organic Secrets will help you keep your family healthy and save you hundreds of dollars each year on your shopping bill.

Organic Secrets has been specially created in e-book format – this means that when you order your copy you will receive it within minutes and you will be reading and putting the advice into practice.


100% Guarantee

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Organic Secrets


Please Note:  In order to read Organic Secrets you will need: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT4, Me, 2000 or XP, and you’ll need Internet Explorer 4 or later.


If you live a green lifestyle, then it’s time you use green techniques to take care of your backyard.  Contrary to popular belief, using environmentally friendly products is not difficult or expensive.  All you need to do is find the most appropriate natural plant food to make your garden a lot greener.

In a recent research conducted by the University of California, it was discovered that most water contamination is due to the use of inorganic plant food products in the agricultural sector.  The good news is that growers have started to change their traditional inorganic plant food products for more greener alternatives.  We all should do the same when taking care of our gardens.

Advantages of natural plant food products

This type of plant food is great way of improving the natural ground composition and at the same time improving the condition and aspect of your plants.  When you use natural plant food in your backyard, you will notice an improvement during the developmental stages of the plants.  Also your backyard will look green for longer periods.  Another advantage of using natural plant food products is that they enhance the composition of the ground in your garden.

And, if you have sandy ground in your garden, you will not have to worry about plants not being able to survive there because by using natural plant food your ground will improve significantly.  Apart from that, natural fertilizers will help your ground hold water in a more efficient way.  As the natural plant food is made from natural ingredients it will provide your soil with microbes that will help plants develop in a better way.

What ingredients are used to make natural plant food?

Many times people go to the store and just grab whatever plant food that is on the shelves.  However, any organic gardener who claims to be so needs to know what the product contains.  If you know what components are used to make that plant food you are buying, it will be easier to stay away from those products that are not natural.

As has been discussed elsewhere on this site, all plants need three basic nutrients to grow.   They are nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus and almost all natural products contain them.  However, different plants have differing needs in the proportions these elements are given.

In case you want to grow roses, good alternatives of natural plant food products are brown algae plant food and blood aliment.  Brown algae concentrates have good quantities of potassium, but no phosphorus at all.  Therefore you should combine it other products to get better results.

So, as you can see, you first should determine what nutrients the plants you plan on growing need to thrive and then, seek out the proper natural plant foods to supply them with in order to provide those nutrients, while at the same time, reducing excess use of chemicals that may end up polluting the environment.

AeroGarden Products Are Great For Indoor Gardening


Grow abundant herbs, greens, or vegetables for your family 365 days a year in the comfort of your kitchen.  No gardening experience or even dirt is necessary.  AeroGardens are mess-free, user-friendly, low-maintenance process that you don’t need a green thumb to use.  NASA-tested aeroponic technology to grow plants in water, nutrients, and air.

Aeroponics is a dirt-free growing method in which plant roots are suspended in air within a highly oxygenated growing chamber with 100% humidity.  The roots are bathed in ideal levels of nutrients, oxygen, and water, allowing the plants to grow significantly faster, become healthier, and have a higher nutrient content that plants grown in soil.

Product Features

  • Revolutionary kitchen appliance lets you grow your own food indoors all year round right in your own kitchen
  • Dirt-free NASA-tested aeroponic technology grows plants in water, nutrients, and air
  • Computerized Adaptive Growth Intelligence monitors growth and alerts you when to add water and nutrients
  • Organically based and 100% natural

The AeroGarden family of self-contained planters come in a variety of sizes and kits.  You can grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables and enjoy the benefits of having a garden even in the dead of winter.  It even goes so far as to tell you when to water and/or add nutrients. Talk about fail proof!

So, if you’re not wanting to give up having fresh herbs or vegetables, waiting till next spring or summer, I suggest you take a closer look at the AeroGarden products.    By the way, as you might expect, tomatoes are also a favorite planting of AeroGarden users.

TitleAeroGarden 900110-1208 Classic Garden 3-Pod with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit, BlackAeroGarden 2101-00B Classic Garden 7-Pod With Gourmet Herb Seed Kit - BlackAerogarden 3 Ladybug w/ Gourmet Herb Seed Kit by AeroGrow
reviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
ratingRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
Height20 inch21 inch30 inch
Width9.5 inch18.5 inch10 inch
Length11 inch10 inch18.5 inch
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
LinkMore InfoMore InfoMore Info

Prices were accurate as of 11/19/2012

The classic AeroGarden is the AeroGarden Classic 7-pod, but they also make a 6-pod (although, I think they may have discontinued this model recently) and more compact 3-pod models. Most are available in black, white, chrome with assorted starter seed-packs. The AeroGarden 3 has the most options coming in a myriad of colors, including red, yellow and pink, or in ladybug and bumblebee schemes. So, whatever your size needs or decor requirements, there’s a good chance there’s an AeroGarden that will fit the bill.

The AeroGarden 3 offers the aeroponic magic of our original AeroGarden in a stylish, space-saving package. About the same size as a coffee maker, it’s perfect for kitchens that are short on counter space. It’s also great as a “living flower bouquet” on a desk, entry table or dresser. Grow fresh Basil, Chives & Thyme with the included Gourmet Herb Seed Kit. Seed kits for cherry tomatoes, chili peppers, salad greens, flowers and more are available. 100% success
Sale Price:

Enjoy the taste and fragrance of fresh herbs, vegetables and salad greens grown right in your kitchen. The AeroGarden grows them all with no dirt, mess or pesticides. Plants grow in water, nutrients and air, up to twice as fast as plants grown in soil. It’s easy, foolproof, and 100% guaranteed. It’s self-watering and self-feeding. The AeroGarden automatically controls the built-in grow bulbs and tells you when to add more water and nutrients. Grow fresh Italian Basil, Purple Basil, Chives,
Sale Price:

Have a Merry “Greener” Christmas!

Start with the tree

Help the environment have a Merry Christmas this year, too. With a few thoughtful, green steps, you can have a delightful holiday and rest easy knowing you did your part to help save the earth’s resources.

If you’ve always purchased a real tree every year, you can still get a real tree and remain true to your green way of living. Just don’t buy a tree that’s been cut. Instead, pick out a tree with the roots still hanging on.  In other words, use a live pine or fir tree for your holiday decorating.

You’ll find trees like this with the roots wrapped carefully to preserve them or you’ll find them in a large container. They’ll be a bit heavier than a cut tree, so watch your back when you lift them. Once the celebration is over, you can make the tree part of your landscaping.

By the way, if you prefer a fresh tree versus an artificial tree and don’t want to go through the extra effort of buying a live tree to plant later, that’s okay.  According to the National Christmas Tree Association,  that while the scent of a Christmas trees is the reason they are so popular, they also are providing another benefit.  The Christmas Tree Association says the amount of oxygen produced on a daily basis by one acre of Christmas tree is enough to provide enough oxygen for 18 people.  And, this is a sustainable crop.


When you get the tree home and it’s time to put the lights on, decorate the tree with LED lights that are now available. You won’t notice the difference in LED lights from traditional lights as far as looks go, yet you are helping to conserve by using less power.


Use recycled ornaments on the tree. The kids can get involved by making ornaments out of objects you have around the house. Do you remember stringing popcorn instead of using aluminum tinsel?   Pop a lot, you’ll end up stringing a little and eating a little, stringing a little and eating a little.

When it’s time to start on your Christmas list, for the items you do have to buy, remember to take your reusable shopping bags and leave the plastic ones at the store. Try to  buy gifts that don’t require a lot of batteries.  (I know, easier said than done these days. Perhaps, you should include rechargeable batteries as part of your gift.)

For wrapping the gifts you bought, be creative and make your own paper. You can use the pages from last year’s calendar, brown paper bags decorated with cut out designs or you can use colorful newspaper inserts. You can also skip paper wrapping altogether and wrap your Christmas gifts with fabric you’ve sewn together. Tie the top with a string of jute and a sprig of holly.

Not every gift has to be store bought. Some of the best gifts are homemade. Breads, preserves, crocheted blankets and hand-knitted sweaters all make great gifts without contributing to landfill waste.

Even greener than homemade gifts are re-gifted ones. If you have a gift you don’t want or can’t use, wrap it and pass it to someone who will use it and let it be known that you don’t mind receiving re-gifted presents as well.

Forget the paper plates and plastic utensils at parties and use real dishes instead.  And, remember, if you’re not willing to hand-wash them, at least make sure you have a full load before running the dishwasher.  When it’s time to dine, turn off the tv and enjoy some good old fashion conversation over dinner.  It’s truly becoming a lost art and there is no better way to enjoy being together than to catch up with what’s been going on.

Go ahead and enjoy your outside Christmas displays, but be sure and use a timer that will turn the lights off at a prearranged time. Or, at the very least, dusk to dawn and not be left on during the day.
This timer from Sylvania gives you both options, setting specific on/off times or automatic dusk to dawn, and an extra un-timed outlet.

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